The ICA Token

Arguably the most fundamental resource of the Icarus network is transaction bandwidth. The Icarus network allocates this resource based on the ownership of the native token, the ICA. Icarus is launching the network with a genesis of 1 billion ICAs, each divisible up to eight decimal places. Stakeholders vote on the salaries of the delegates and, in turn, the rate of inflation of the ICA. The smallest unit that makes up the ICA is referred to as the Ioctal, so:
108Ioctal=ICA10^8 Ioctal = ICA
The value of the ICA is directly related to the real-world usage of the network, so attackers cannot spam the network without a proportional investment in the network’s bandwidth. What users decide to do with their share of the bandwidth is their own decision, but tying the network’s bandwidth to the value of the token should disincentivize behavior that would ultimately be harmful to the network.