ICA Token Distribution
Here outlining Total ICA distribution for ERC20 ICA tokens before the Mainnet launching. Total 1,000,000,000 ICA will be created in the ERC20 ICA genesis event.
No of Allocations
Allocated Body
Private Sale Allocation
Founder & Operations
Listing fee & Liquidity provision
All founders & Operations allocation is 6 months locked from the date of the distribution and subject to be vested over 12 months period.
Advisor allocation is 12 months locked from the date of the distribution and not subjected to any vesting schedule.
Listing fee & Liquidity Provision allocations are for AMM exchanges and air-drop allocations for C-Exchanges. All allocations will be announced to ICA community prior to the transfer.
Marketing allocation is reserved to use as airdrop, partnerships and token-swaps. All marketing expenses will be governed by the community and transparently broadcasted its uses.
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